COVID 19 & French immigration law

The emergency law to deal with the coronavirus epidemic has been enacted on 23 March 2020 and an update of this law has been adopted by the “Assemblée Nationale” on June 3 (it must be adopted by the “Sénat” as well before being enacted).

The law includes a section that concerns immigration law.

1. What about the heath care system and social rights ?

The law calls for facilitating the opening and extension of rights such as disability-related benefits, social minima, housing assistance and family benefits.

2. What about your visa ?

The emergency law provides for the extension of residence permits that expire between 16 March and 15 May 2020 for 180 days.

The updated bill provides for a 180 days extension for visas expiring before June 15.

The residence permits concerned are :

  • 1° Long-stay visas (“Visas long séjour“);
  • 2° Residence permits (“Titres de séjour“);
  • 3° Provisional residence permits (“Autorisations provisoires de séjour“);
  • 4° Receipts of applications for residence permits (“récépissés de demandes de titres de séjour“).
  • 5° “Refugee claim certificates” (“les attestations de demande d’asile”)

3. What about your job and salary ?

Your paid holidays can be modified, without notice and within a limit of six days, but not without a company or branch agreement.

However, your employer can impose your weekly rest days.

The payment of certain bonuses may also be delayed or changed.

But, in any case, your employer must inform you about all these measures as soon as possible.

Finally, the law suspends the practice of “days of absence”, i.e. days of non-reimbursed sick leave, in both the public and private sectors.

4. What about your business ?

The law confirms the deferral/suspension of rents for commercial premises and charges such as water or gas bills.

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