Me. Justine Basilio is a French lawyer from the Paris Court of Appeal and a member of the Quebec Bar Association (ARM).

After obtaining her Master’s degree in Business Law with a specialization in Banking and Financial Law an a Master’s degree in Management-Finance at the Sorbonne University in Paris, Me. Justine Basilio practiced for one year in a large international office in Montreal in the Business Law Department but also and jointly in private practice in Paris. In addition, she also has a wealth of experience at HSBC’s head office where she worked on structured and project finance deals. As well as in a large Parisian law firm in the financial services department including investment funds and banking and financial issues. 

Her specialization in business law and banking and financial law also enables her to meet the needs of foreign clients wishing to set up in France and Canada, both professionally and personally.

With this experience and knowledge of the legal issues related to expatriation, she decided to help French people abroad. She offers individual clients and companies assistance in all their expatriation procedures outside of France. 

At the same time, she offers foreign firms and companies her expertise in French and Quebec law on issues they encounter in the course of their business.

Finally, passionate and fervent ambassador of immigration projects, Me Justine Basilio helps all foreigners wishing to settle in France and Canada in their process thanks to her dual expertise.