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Do you want to set up your company but need advice from lawyers on choosing the corporate form to adopt for your business (SAS, SA, SARL, SCI, SNC, Limited Partnerships)? Or are you looking for a law firm specialising in the sale of companies (shares, stocks, mergers and acquisitions, business assets)?

Our law firm, Cabinet Conseil Avocate, is committed to assisting its clients at every stage of their business and will provide you with personalised support.

The law firm Conseil Avocate assists its clients in all legal matters relating to their business:

– Legal activities of companies, including conversions, mergers, contributions in kind, partial contributions, distribution of contributions, demergers, mergers, voluntary dissolutions.
– Equity and quasi-equity activities, activities relating to the issue of corporate bonds and various composite securities.
– Providing advice and recommendations on the choice and adaptation of corporate forms and management organisations, particularly in relation to the type of shareholding (family group, industrial group, investment fund) or capital allocation (majority block or diversified shareholding).
– Development of profit-sharing mechanisms for managers and employees. In addition, law firms assist clients with the legal and tax design of these plans, the determination of the terms and conditions for the receipt of shares and the implementation of the liquidity process.
– Execution of intra-group contracts and agreements, in particular current accounts, omniums, provision of services and technical assistance.

However, our specialist lawyers can also be involved in drawing up and executing agency agreements (for directors, natural persons or legal entities), management agreements or suspension of agency.

– Preliminary and procedural management of disputes between shareholders or partners, in particular blocking of management bodies, blocking or postponement of meetings, contesting decisions by minority shareholders or partners, advice and support in management expertise.

Our lawyers’ expertise in the fields of business and commercial law is therefore aimed at all types of companies, whatever their size: start-ups, very small businesses, SMEs, large companies and even groups of companies.

As company law professionals, our in-house lawyers advise company directors, partners and shareholders. For this reason, our advice can cover all kinds of operations, from day-to-day management and organisation to more specific tasks such as changes within the company.

Our advice and expertise enable managers to make the right decisions at the right time, taking into account all factors, legal risk assessments and possible consequences.

When should you call in a company lawyer?

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It pays to consult a lawyer right from the start. We can advise you on setting up a company, choosing the corporate and legal form, drafting the Articles of Association and all the incorporation formalities that form the basis of the company. These legal documents must therefore be solid, individual and authoritative if they are to lead you serenely along the road to success.

Every question you have without a clear answer that is preventing you from seeing the future and success of your business, we have the answer and will be happy to advise you to guide you along the right path.

Sample questions:

What are the consequences of choosing one legal status rather than another? What social protection do directors have? How can you plan for the future development of your business at the lowest possible cost? Why is it essential to sign a company or shareholder agreement?

What’s more, Conseil Avocate is made up of lawyers who are members of the Paris Bar and the Quebec Bar, and who hold the title of Legal Council in the United Arab Emirates.

During the life of the company

Once your company has been set up, our team of lawyers can provide advice and expertise during the development phases of your business. This includes, for example, :

– Legal support

– Drafting legal documents

– Protection of intellectual property

– Capital transactions

Cessation of business activity

Whether it’s the sale of a business, the transfer of a company or the sale of shares, these are legally sensitive operations. It would therefore be wise for the founder to call on the services of a specialist lawyer such as those at our law firm Conseil Avocate.

Our lawyers will advise you mainly on drafting :

– sale agreements
– Asset and liability guarantee agreements
– Registration of the cessation or transfer with the tax authorities
– Information on the terms and risks of the sale
– Management reports
– The judicial winding-up file

Our firm also specialises in related areas of business law, in particular employment law for disputes between an employee and a company.