Labour law

At Conseil Avocate, our lawyers assist and advise businesses (VSEs, SMEs, large companies, major accounts) and employees (employees, executives, managers) on all aspects of employment law on a daily basis. Our areas of expertise in litigation are as follows:

Individual relations with the employer

– Offer of employment

– Trial period

– Employment contracts

– Collective agreements (notice periods, paid leave, maternity or paternity leave, non-competition, etc.)

– Pay slip

– Sick leave

– Work accident

– Discrimination

– Disciplinary proceedings

– Breach of contract

– Termination by court order

– Dismissal

– Moral or sexual harassment

Collective labour relations

– Internal procedures (drafting of internal regulations, codes of conduct, ethical charters, teleworking charters, etc.)

– Negotiation of collective agreements (working hours, salary savings, gender equality, etc.)

Signing and negotiating settlement agreements

Conseil Avocate is committed to helping you win your disputes and to providing you with personalised follow-up to ensure that your collaboration is a success.